New Year Fast

Find Out More Info on the 2019 Fast!

What is Fasting?

Fasting is essentially giving up food (and other things) for a period of time in order to focus your thoughts on God. Reading God’s Word, prayer, and worship will give us a perspective that will lead us closer to God while fasting. Fasting is not just giving up food (that could be a diet) but it is a defined focus on God.

Fasting was all throughout the Old and New testaments alike. It is not set aside for the spiritual elite but for anyone desiring to know God in a deeper way. 

Why Would We Fast?

As Jesus followers, we all desire to know Him more and walk in His ways. In the day and age in which we live, I think we would all agree that sometimes our view gets clouded with distraction. Fasting is a way to eliminate distractions from our life so that we can focus on the things of God.

We can fast to find direction, overcome obstacles in our mind and heart, or simply to draw closer to God. There are great benefits from fasting, and it all comes back to creating time and space for God to move in our lives.

Fasting is for Everyone

Fasting will bring things into focus in your life and help you hear God more clearly. All of this will further your relationship with Him. Even if you don’t totally understand what fasting is or what it does, just try it. Make it a part of your walk with Christ, and you might be surprised at what you find.

Start where you are and remember this isn’t about getting everything you want, it’s about drawing closer to God. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned believer or you are just starting on your journey of faith, fasting is for you. 

New Year Fast

We don’t fast out of fear but to find freedom. With that in mind this year I want to give freedom in how we fast collectively as the church. We have done many different 21 day fasts in the past. This year the focus is freedom from distraction and focusing on His Word.

We will still be doing a 21 day fast from January 6th to January 26th. I want to encourage you to give up one meal a day and spend that time seeking God in His Word, through prayer, and worship. As a guide you could fast breakfast the first week, lunch the second, and dinner the third. I realize that schedules are different so that is simply a guide for you to get started.

Remember, do not be overwhelmed and focus on God one day at a time. I believe you will be encouraged at what you get out of fasting. We fast for freedom not because of fear. Join us as we believe God for great things in 2019!